Shercoin (SHER)
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ICOMarks Rating 8.3 / 10
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 0.0000 USD
Platform Ethereum

The SherCoin team has realized that the best way to create a good cryptocurrency that will achieve mass adoption is by creating a multi-functional token that has more than one utility. Most of the altcoins are Ethereum-based coins that only offer one application. SherCoin features five different related applications in one.

The ecosystem has a theme: User provide valuable economic services for businesses such: as checking market place for counterfeits, reporting fake or suspicious products; filling out surveys and giving information, feedback, and data, so business can make informed decisions; giving the users an easy way to manage the cryptos the earned; and then giving them outlets to spend/exchange their tokens.

2017 Q3


Concept Generation

Incorporating Dubai office

2017 Q4


Research Strategic Plan

2018 Q1


Assemble the team

Definition of the MVPs

Smart contract development

Mobile app development

Web platform development

2018 Q2


Launch The Verify App Prototype

2018 Q3

Preparing for ICO

Finalize advisors


2018 Q4


Extending the team

Start the bounty program

2019 Q1

Stage 1

Token Sale Stage 1

Apply for listing with exchanges

THE Verify App MVP

THE Survey App Prototype

Security audit of base code

2019 Q2

Stage 2

Token Sale Stage 2

THE Survey App MVP

SHER Token Unlock

Launch THE Verify App

2019 Q3


Launch THE Survey App

SherCoin Marketplace MVP

SherCoin Pay MVP

Develop payment gateway API

Aim to achieve 1,000,000 users

2019 Q4


Launch SherCoin Pay

Launch SherCoin Marketplace

Aim to achieve 2,000,000 users in the ecosystem

2020 Q1


THE Verify App globaly in 5 countries

2020 Q2


SherCoin Pay module for Prestashop, Magento

4 million users in the ecosystem

2020 Q3


7 million users in the ecosystem

2020 Q4


SherCoin Pay with 5 largest vendor

2021 Q1

SherCoin Marketplace 10.000 transactions per month

12 million user in the ecosystem

2021 Q2

New uses cases

Conception of new uses cases for the ecosystem