ShowMeBiz (EXPO)
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ICOBench Rating 3.2 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 7.1 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price Unspecified
Platform Ethereum

GLOBAL & VIRTUAL EXPO — is an innovative platform designed to change the standards of maintenance, development and interaction between all kinds of businesses around the globe with the help of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Team members

Olga Amraie
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Vitaly Timoshenko
Co-Founder. Strategic partnerships. Strategic planning.
Anthony Karpov
Co-Founder. Work with investors. Work with funds. Sales Strategy
Ivan Mazur
Blockchain Developer
Tetiana Gomon
Lyudmila Savitskaya
Director for work with key clients
Anton Oberthyukh
Senior AR/VR Developer
Vitaliy Batrun
Director for Foreign Economic Development
Yevhenii Lyzia
Unity Developer
Olga Belobrovko
Chief Operating Officer
Yurik Makaryan
Professional at video editing, VR video maker
Prysiazhnyi Dmytro
CTO, Team leader
Tusher Shikder
Community Manager.

ICO Advisors

Gennadiy Chizhikov
The President of The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Serhii Znakhur
AI advisor, Data Mining, business processes, consulting and management accounting
Ruslan Burlacnehko
Strategy and Business Advisor, Blockchain development
Amir Amraie
Strategy Advisor
Prokushev Evgeniy
Strategy coach
Ludmila Buturlja
Marketing Advisor
Maria Bristow
Strategy Advisor
Igor Shevchenko
Foreign economic relations
Vladislav Ocheretyaniy
Head of exhibition management Departament
Sergey Petrik
Adviser at Crypto industry
Lyudmila Zhuhina
Financial Adviser.
Fain Zorii Yukhymovych
Photographer, composer, teacher, essay writer
November 2016

WebSummit Participated as Startup.

May 2017

mvp developing / 50 countries expo list for ‎2017-2019

June 2017

ShowMeBiz Ltd. registered in Hong Kong.

September 2017

ICO Startup battle.

October 2017

Partnership with UFI.

November 2017

Participated UFI Congress as a sponsor in South Africa.

January 2018

Pre-ICO start.

February 2018

Beta version developing.

March 2018

1 stage ICO.

April 2018

Partnership with Expo Organizers in 15 countries

May 2018

2 Stage ICO.

June 2018

Blockchain on Platform, Departments at Europe, Asia, America, Africa.

August 2018

Sold 30 million ExpoCoin. The platform is ready for launch. Tokens are released on the stock exchange.

September 2018

The ShowMeBiz platform is launched on a free basis for tenant companies.

October 2018

30000000 ExpoBlock is sold and they are all rented out.

January 2018

50000000 ExpoBlock is sold and they are all rented out.

January 2020

Leadership at Expo Industry. 30 000 exhibitions per year providing with ShowMeBiz Platform.