Stern (STERN)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
ICOBench Rating 2.1 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 4.0 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 STERN = 0.1 USD
Platform Ethereum

We will offer a marketplace where you can buy and sell items and services with cryptocurrencies. The seller can specify which crypto currencies he accepts.

The articles are divided into categories and countries for a better overview. The sellers will pay a small fee, which can be paid with our tokens or other cryptocurrencies. Our marketplace accepts com- mercial and private sellers.

Team members

Norbert Drapala
Stefan Jung
Head of IT
Marion Franke
Ursula Fandel
Gurdun Kissinger
Peter Zander
Legal Consultant
Raphael Klein
Web development/ Digital design
Theodor Kerner
IT Security Expert
Isabelle Richter
Business Process Automation
Karsten Wach
Data Analyse
Gerald Weinzerl
Blockchain / Solidity
Thomas Assmann
Network Security

ICO Advisors

This ICO doesn't have any advisors.
Q2 2017


Initial Concept and Product Skeleton

Q3 2017

Whitepaper, Drafting and Consultation

Q4 2017

Technology Team Build Out and Development,

Requiremet Specifications

Q4 2018

Marketplace: Sell/Buy items with


Marketing (TV and online)

Q3 2018


Start of Professional Processing

Service(Payment, Transfer)


Q2 2018

Presale, Pre-ICO

Q1 2018

Preparing for Initial Token Offering

Contacting external partners for

Professional Procsessing Service

Q1 2019