TrustED (TED)
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Pre-Sale Oct. 1, 2018 - Jan. 20, 2019
Token Sale Jan. 20, 2019 - March 20, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 8.3 / 10 TrackICO Rating 3.1 / 5
Token price 0.02 USD
Platform Ethereum

TrustED prevents academic fraud and allows instant peer to peer authentication of academic credentials. TrustED is an application which leverages blockchain technology to allow academic institutions such as universities or trade schools to store, authenticate and issue any form of academic credential or certificate digitally to its recipients. Through TrustED it’s impossible to fake academic credentials due to the nature of blockchain technology whilst also eliminating the current lengthy process associated with having to manually issue and verify the academic credentials of prospective individuals.

Q2 2017

- TrustED Concept Conceived.
- Outline development & business outlook

Q3 2017

- Assemble team of university, blockchain & crypto experts.
- Discuss and innovate on how to develop TrustED with experts from Academic institutions

Q1 2018

- Further expand and network with Academic Institutions and potential users. On boarding our first 2 academic institutions to run the TrustED Proof of Concept

Q2 2018

- Final adjustments to The TrustED Proof of Concept

Q3 2018

- Initial trial phases of The TrustED Proof of Concept (On boarded academic institutions to trial The TrustED protocol proof of concept)

Q4 2018

- Begin development of the TrustED Proof of Concept

Q2 2019

- Expansion and Onboarding Users and Institutions. Speci- fically targeting European, Asian, Australian and US. Release second version of TrustED Quarterly Update, outlining the technical development progress, business progress and up and coming events.

Q3 2019

- TrustED Mainnet Released to Public

2019+ BEYOND

- Geographical expansion and strategic marketing to grow the ecosystem + On-going TrustED Quarterly Updates