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Token Sale Oct. 27, 2018 - Nov. 27, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 9.3 / 10 ICOBench Rating 3.4 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 ETH = 8,000,000 UPI
Platform Ethereum

UPI stands for Unit Payment International, a company that works on blockchain based. Make a container for the loan market and shopping portal on blockchain technology. The UPI project is operated from Switzerland, the United States and Russia, which was founded by Leading Currency Exchange Companies. Work? The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have more than a thousand billion capital and the future of this technology is very bright. UPI only brings this technology to the public with a number of bases that people can use every day and have a high chance of developing.

2018 May 01

Establishment of UPI

2018 September 27

UPI Selfdrop

2018 November 26

Selfdrop Ends

2018 December 07

UPI projects are listed on the exchange

2019 February 11

Launch of the Loan Program

2019 March 02

Launching the Exchange Trial

2019 April 01

Launch of OUR Exchange