USDX Wallet
USDX Wallet (USDX)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
TrackICO Rating 4.3 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 7.6 / 10 ICOBench Rating 4.1 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 USDX = 1 USD
Platform Graphene

USDX Wallet is a blockchain-based cryptowallet made for instant payments. It features USDX − a stable cryptocurrency for everyday use. Pegged to the U.S. Dollar, USDX is a safe way to pay and store your funds. Setting up an account in the wallet is easy and takes only a minute. And best of all, there are no fees for payments in USDX.

USDX cryptocurrency is pegged to the much-used USD at a 1:1 ratio, making it easy to figure out your balance or calculate the amount to transfer. US dollar peg makes USDX a steady store of value. Stable price of USDX token is convenient for both customers and merchants, as it excludes the risk of a sudden price move. Having no transaction fees, USDX stablecoin acts perfectly as a payment method.

The LightHouse coin, or LHT, is Lighthouse company’s core cryptocurrency. It has a limited supply and plays a role of collateral for the USDX. LHT is an investment asset. The combination of LHT coin and USDX stablecoin boosts global cryptocurrency usage and increases its safety.

July 2017

Start of the project

August 2017

Fundraising: seed round

September 2017

App design: development

October 2017

Technical team recruitment
Start of the app development

December 2017

Blockchain test version

January 2018

Beta version of the App

February 2018

Final testing and adjustments

March 2018

Blockchain release version
MVP Launch
A release of the app on Google Play

April 2018

A release of the app on Apple Store

May 2018

Marketing channels testing
1,000 app installations
Fundraising: round A
More team members recruited

July 2018

User feedback analysis
Community development

September 2018

App improvements based on community feedback

December 2018

10,000 of active users


January 2019: Listing on exchanges
Increasing number of users
Futher development of app functions, localization
Open API, fees for business accounts


10 million active users
50 million transactions per month
12,5$ million in revenue per month