Veri Doc Global
Veri Doc Global (VDG)
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Platform Ethereum

VeriDoc Global was originally founded to verify documents and to prevent forgeries in the education and training sector. The addition of blockchain technology and smart contracts has further enhanced the verification solution, making it a valuable tool across other sectors as well.

MAY 2015

VeriDoc Global was born.

FEB 2016

Lodgement of initial patent.

JAN 2017

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launched.

APR 2017

Acceptance into IBM Global.

Entrereneur Program.

DEC 2017

Ethereum Test Net launched.

SEP 2017

Launched in India.

APR 2018

Public Token Sale (ICO).

JUN 2018

Launched in Tanzania.

MAY 2018

Launched in the United States of America.

JUN 2018

Ethereum MainNet launched.

Q3 2018

VeriDoc Education launch.

Q3 2018

QR Code Reader App.

Q4 2018

Blockchain verified login protocol.

Q4 2018

VeriDoc Ticketing launch.

Q1 2019

Compare Documents Tool.

VeriDoc GPS (Geo tags) launch.

Q2 2019

VeriDoc Track and Trace launch.

Branded QR Codes.

Q1 2020

VeriDoc Global Protocol on Multi-chains.