VeryFile (VER)
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TrackICO Rating 3.0 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 8.1 / 10 ICOBench Rating 3.3 / 5
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Token price 1 VER = 0.2 USD
Platform Ethereum

VeryFile is a blockchain network aims to create a service of file management with a vision to 'leverage the power of immutable blockchain to provide a virtual infrastructure for business and individuals’. Essentially, all internal documents are encrypted and stored within decentralized blockchain network that eliminates all the risk from data leaking, and excessive cost due to the absence of intermediaries. It exploits peer-to-peer file management with utilization of smart contract which gives user an ability to automatize entire business procedures, enhancing efficiency of internal management while maintaining an ability to trace the origin and transfer of the documents without giving away privacy to those outside the network. The services offered by VeryFile also come with internal ecosystem management to help accelerate every business task in a more secure way where all activities will be recorded and monitored within network.

Q1 2018

Business Model Development;
First Roadmap;
1st Financing Round.

Q2 2018

Whitepaper 1.0;
Website 1.0
MVP Modeling.

Q3 2018

2nd Financing Round;
Whitepaper 2.0
Website 2.0.

Q4 2018

Marketing Campaign Start;
Pre-Sale Launch;
New Partnership coming.

Q1-Q2 2019

2nd Marketing Campaign Start;
ICO Launch;
iOS MVP App Release;
MVP Browser App Release.

Q3-Q4 2019

CRM Activation;
Exchange Listing;
Android MVP App Release;
Alpha to RTM Development.


Private Blockchain Alpha-Prototype;
Beta App Release for iOS and Andriod;
Switch 1:1 from Token ERC20 to new Very Coin on Private VeryFile Blockchain;
Own Consulting Group for VeryFile Integration in Companies and Private Activities.