Wisp (WSPR)
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ICOMarks Rating 3.2 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 WSPR = 1 USD
Platform Tokeny

Wisp is a fully conversational artificial intelligence assistant for the modern day home. Fully integrated and connected with our homes as well as service providers inside and outside the building, Wisp provides us with a truly freeing experience of the next stage of civilized living. It combines connected devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an ecosystem of ‘integrated living’ available in the open market to end users, homeowners and property developers.

Wisp allows us to interact with our living space (lights, temperature, entertainment, kitchen appliances, security systems, etc.), the building’s facilities (the property manager, security desk, parking services, etc.), and a variety of the city’s local services (booking a conference hall, reserving a table at the café, calling for a taxi service or Uber, order from restaurants and grocery stores, etc.).


Initial system architectural design, identification of component technologies, Neopod One property concept development, architectural drawings, structural design and testing, site surveying, local authority liaison for planning approval, initial funding through initial sales of 15% of its units, land primary acquisition (completed).

Q4 2018


Q1 2019

Developing A.I. framework and Testing.

Q3 2019

Build and integrate AI prototype into Neopod One show units,

Scheduled demonstration of prototype (tied to attaining soft-cap). Integration with completed show units

Voice Interaction;

Master Controller;

Stimulated Information Retrieval and Integrated Services;

Voice Control Hardware;

Pre-prepared Complex Interaction;

Mobile Controller;

Gesture Controller;

R&D with live test result;



Visual Branding;

Voice Synthesis;

Wisp Figure;

Content and Copywriting.


Begin foundation for deployment and partnership campaign

Design and development of Wisp packages (retrofit and portable options);

Ecosystem and engagement campaign;

Demonstrations with property developers around;

First developer hackathons and competitions to add premium abilities;

Partnerships sought with hardware distributors and suppliers.


Marketing and publicity campaign push

Events intensity;

ABL campaign;

PR activities.


Neopod One ready for move-in / (hard cap met) Wisp system fully operational and integrated with NP1

Rollout of market ready version of Wisp with partners and for similar developments;

Ongoing - continuous updating of system in perpetuity.