World Trip Singapore
World Trip Singapore (WTXT)
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Pre-Sale Oct. 1, 2018 - March 1, 2019
Token Sale March 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019
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Platform Ethereum

In the midsts of traveling needs shifting from “the material” to “the experience” , we want to focus on the that state of growing content surrounding experiences. The way tourists look for information, on such things as services and restaurants found only in that country, and how they have fun during travel, is changing. A growing number of people are no longer satisfied with packages tour companies offer; Japan too has websites providing experiences or concierge and consulting services.

Our plan is develop our services first in Asia, where the number of tourists are growing in recent years, then to Europe and America, expanding the WTS platform globally. Once guests use the platform, it provides a space for those guests to become local hosts. By combining the information of what only locals know and the skills of a host and communicating it, citizens of the world will pay attention and make a reservation if compelled to participate or experience such things. The arrangement is complete once the host guides the tourists to the local hot spots.

Whether it’ s a unique plan that only local people can do, an experience that’ s been introduced on the WTS platform website, or niche activities not yet known online, WTS is a tool that offers a new dimension to travel.

July 2018

Established Singapore corporation.

October 2018

Whitepaper Public Private Sale Early BirdStage implemented.

December 2018

Performed Presale Sale Middle Stage.

January 2019

WEB site development started Multilingual correspondence (5 languages).

February 2019

Technology construction started.

April 2019

WEB site beta version completion Completed recruitment of guest members started.

June 2019

Official Sale Final Stage implemention and Travel agency M & A implementation.