Xenio (XNO)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
ICOMarks Rating 5.9 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 XNO = 1.50 - 5 USD
Platform Ethereum

The Xenio platform provides a decentralized environment where anyone can mine XNO by operating multiplayer gaming servers from anywhere in the world. PoN is based on the proof-of-stake mechanism, but rewards nodes based on a combination of staked coins and the number of validated active users connected to each server.

Testnet activated

Development P2P testnet activated, multiple node connectivity tested

Client PoC test

Windows client proof of concept tested. Basic interface design started.

Client communication

Client P2P communication tested. Multiple nodes are now distributing testnet blockchain successfully.

P2P chat

P2P chat tested. Multiple nodes connecting using unique node IDs created in-wallet.


First consensus block using Proof-of-Stake on client wallet. Staking formula tested.

Xenio Coin transaction

On-chain Xenio Coin transaction tests completed on testnet.


Proof-of-Networking protocol development and functionality testing

Genesis block on mainnet

Main blockchain genesis block is laid down

Beta client interface preview

Private preview Beta for client windows with wallet and limited features.

Github Public

Xenio github is made public, so any third party can contribute to the project.